About us

The Grassi family is dedicated to the processing of natural stone and marble for more than 140 years now. In 1870 Achille Grassi founded what is now an international company of undisputed professionalism.

Throughout its long history, overtaken by three generations, the family has always managed the business with innovative and sometimes courageous choices, always with unwavering respect for the best sculptural traditions.

The attention to details, the experience of the best stonemasons and the help of the most advanced technologies on the market are the factors that have allowed the company to carry out important projects such as:

Our mission..

..is to meet the growing demand from architects, designers and private who want to experience the transformation of natural stone process in it´s unique and exclusive way.

To do this, we operate following five core values wich represent the “heart” of the company:

  • customer orientation: the needs of our customers are the center of our attention. Through our expertise and experience since over 140 years we aim to achieve with care each job as requested, even if it is the most particular;
  • renewal in respect of the story: while taking advantage of the latest technologies on the market and without neglecting the professionalism of our experienced sculptors, we make each job unique and inimitable;
  • excellence: We love what we do and we have the ambition to impress you on all occasions we face. Each new job is, therefore, a new challenge to improve ourselves;
  • professionalism: transparency, attention to detail and respect are the cornerstones for the relationships with our partners, customers or suppliers;
  • authenticity: we deeply believe in our values and we work every day consistently doing what is correct and asked for.