Welcome to Achille Grassi

Stonemasons and workers of natural stone and marble since 1870.

The Company Achille Grassi joins the tradition of sculptors and stonemasons working by hand with the latest technology and most modern machinery. Our goal is  to create tailor-made projects and we are committed every day to turn your ideas and your dreams into objects and art works.

marbles made in italy

Yellow stone from Vicenza honed

Bridge Canal Grande VENICE

4th Bridge on Canal Grande (VENICE)

private Villa West Palm Beach FLORIDA –

private Villa in West Palm Beach (FLORIDA – USA)

Hotel Trieste Vittoria Abano Terme PADUA

Hotel Trieste Vittoria in Abano Terme PADUA

Reconstruction Palazzo Farnese Berlin Germany

Reconstruction of Palazzo Farnese in Berlin Germany

Archaeological park Xanten Germany

Archaeological park in Xanten Germany

  • Sculpture “(Human) Stream” in stone

  • Sculpture “The stone of the stars” in stone

  • Sculpture “Abbraccio” in stone

  • Leone pietra

    Lion in stone

  • Grande leone pietra

    Big lion in stone

  • Sculpture “Nativity” stone

    Sculpture “Nativity” in stone

  • Woman bust stone

    Woman bust in stone

  • Scultura “testa leone” pietra

    Sculpture “lion head” in stone

  • Scultura “Tritone” pietra

    Sculpture “Triton” in stone

  • Base stone

    Base in stone

  • Base stone

    Base in stone

  • Vaso pietra

    Vase in stone

  • Vaso pietra

    Vase in stone

  • Vaso pietra

    Vase in stone

  • Vaso pietra

    Vase in white Stone

  • Vaso pietra

    Vase in stone of Palladio

  • Scultura leone disteso

    Sculpture of a lying lion

  • Bassorilievo Leone Marco

    Bas Relief “Leone di San Marco”

  • Leone Marco

    Lion of San Marco

  • Grande leone seduto

    Big sitting lion

  • Scultura “Biga romana”

    Sculpture “Biga romana”

  • Scultura “Sfinge Salisburgo”

    Sculpture “Sphinx of Salzburg”

  • Scultura “Centauro”

    Sculpture “Centauro”

  • Scultura Giovanni Paolo ° pietra bianca

    Sculpture “Giovanni Paolo II” in white stone

  • relief Monticocere

    Bas relief Monticocere

  • Fontana piatto pietra bianca

    Fountain on a flat white stone

  • Balaustra Marmo bianco Carrara

    Balustrade in white marble Carrara

  • Balaustra Marmo Bardiglio

    Balustrade in Bardiglio marble

  • Balaustra Marmo rosso Asiago

    Balustrade in red Asiago marble

  • Balaustra Marmo rosso Asiago

    Balustrade in red Asiago marble

  • Balaustra Marmo rosso Asiago

    Balustrade red Asiago marble

  • Balaustra curva Pietra bianca Vicenza

    Curved balustrade in white stone of Vicenza

  • Balaustra Pietra bianca Vicenza

    Balustrade in white stone of Vicenza

  • Balustrade yellow stone Vicenza

    Balustrade in yellow stone of Vicenza

  • Aereatori trafori pietra palladio

    Room divider in stone

  • Aereatori trafori passaggio aria marmo carrara

    Room divider in marble

  • Portale marmo Carrara /lucido

    Portal Carrara marble C/D, polished

  • Portale marmo nero marquina

    Portal black marble Marquina

  • Portali pietra cava Grassi

    Portal in white stone from Palladio, quarry A. Grassi

  • Portale pietra cava Grassi

    Portal in stone, quarry A. Grassi

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Our mission..

..is to meet the growing demand for architects, designers and private who want to transform the natural stone process uniquely and exclusively.

To offer this service Achille Grassi has five core values that make up the DNA of the company: customer focus, innovation respecting tradition, excellence, professionalism and authenticity.

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